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( Log Out /  In the end, Jin Gyu’s story impacted me and made me care much more about him than Detective Choi. Kejadian itu bisa membuat reputasinya turun.

Dol Dol Sol Sol La La Dol (KBS2), FRI – SAT Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. And I was pleasantly surprised that I quite enjoy the whole thing.…

Kemudian Choi datang ke lokasi tempat penemuan mayat tersebut, ia pun terkejut akan kebenarannya. Poster film The Chronicles of Evil. Dong Jae then tells Detective Choi he will wait, and believes that Detective Choi will solve this wisely. Change ), MON – TUE Official Poster for Remember & More Stills, Rowoon is Gorgeous in Marie Claire in Collaboration with Salvatore Ferragamo, Do You Like Brahms? I like the twist that comes with another twist. Petugas woo tersebut menyuruh Jong dae berhenti dan sadar, namun yang terjadi adalah perkelahian hingga Jong Dae menembak mati rekannya tersebut dengan wajah datarnya.

Build Your Knowledge / Template by : Urangkurai. Now that I have confessed my sin, let’s move on to what I feel about this movie. This movie could have been more enjoyable, if my hands hadn’t been itchy, and decided to jump-click through the movie before I sit down and watch the whole thing. It was stupid.

Director: Baek Woo Hak Detective Choi pretends to lead the team investigation, but secretly remove evidence, and cold-heartedly shoots a possible suspect. The Spy Who Loved Me (MBC) The camera zooms in on the crying boy in the rain, as he narrates: “I am the son of a murderer.”. Record of Youth (tvN) Setelah pesta selesai, dalam perjalanan pulang, terjadi sebuah kejahatan. He did not win, but it piqued my interest to see how well he performed in it. I like the ending he gave himself—and that was one hell of a beautifully ending scene, too. He then decides to cover the crime scene and flees. Adegan film The Chronicles of Evil. It is then revealed that this whole thing is linked back to the old case handled by a number of policemen, as they fabricated evidences and falsely accused Kim Jin Gyu’s father of murder. – Park Joon Young & Chae Song Ah Sweet Scenes, Do You Like Brahms? Namun kebahagiaan itu mulai pudar ketika kapten Chang Shik yang hendak pergi ke restoran Mok Dong dengan taksi , malah dibawa pergi ke tempat lain sama supir taksinya. Little did we know, he plays a much bigger part in the grand scheme of it. Film garapan sutradara Beak Woon-hak yang dibintangi oleh Son Hyun-joo, Ma Dong-seok, Choi Daniel dan Park Seo-joon. Mungkin gw udah ketinggalan banget, wayah gini baru ngebahas fil chronicles of evil, secara film ini udh dirilis tahun 2015. But of all, gw ga nyesel nonton film ini karena selain filmnya lumayan seru, para penggemar cowok tampan kaya Park Seo Jeon kapan lagi bisa melihat seo jeon berperan jadi orang jahat dengan adegan bunuh membunuh dengan sadis tapi fokerface wkwk.. Selamat menonton bagi yang belum nonton, dan jangan lupa coment buat reader, Gomen klw ada yang kurang.. ^^, Gambar 3: jong dae menembak petugas woo (ciee.. #plak), Keesokan paginya, berita TV menunjukkan tubuh tergantung di derek di lokasi konstruksi. The taxi driver then pulls out a knife and attacks him. Karena dalam promosi, ia memutuskan untuk menutupi kejahatan. Komentar Berita : Film bergenre thriller, The Chronicle of Evil akan menghibur penggemar K-Movie di layar kaca hari ini, Minggu (27/9/2020). The irony. Film Korea The Chronicles of Evil (Sinopsis dan Movie Trailer), Director                          : Baek Woon-Hak, Release Date                 : May 14, 2015, Distributor                     : CJ Entertainment, Country                           : South Korea, Di menit awal kita disuguhkan momen sukaria si kapten bernama Choi Chang Shik diperankan. *Sobs*. Demi mempertahankan diri, Choi tidak sengaja membunuh supir taksi tersebut. Were they friends, or were they lovers? – BTS, Highlights, Press Con All in One, Do You Like Brahms? Kapten Chang Shik kaget, lalu membawa jung gyu ke ruang interogasi namun beberapa hari kemudian Jin gyu dibebaskan tanpa sepengetahuan kapten Chang shik karena kekurangan alat bukti. Trailer . With Hyeon-ju Son, Dong-seok Ma, Daniel Choi, Seo-joon Park. The double twists are what made this movie differ slightly with any other movies that share similar premise. Even though he is the one who takes us through the story as the male lead, but in reality — his character is just one small chess piece in the grand scheme of Jin Gyu’s revenge.

Private Life (JTBC) With these information, he secretly conducts his own investigation to find out the person behind this whole set-up. Jong dae yang katanya sedang mencari jinggyu dikejar oleh rekannya petugas woo Ma Dong Seok yang mengetahui bahwa Jong Dae adalah Jinggyu. He did not win, but it piqued my interest to see how well he performed in it. Joseon Magician Drops Teaser Trailer, First Peek!

Usut punya usut ternyata pria bernama jin gyu ini memiliki kenangan masa lalu dengan kapten Chang Shik dimana dulu ketika kapten Changshik masih menjadi polisi muda, ia menangkap ayahnya Jin Gyu yang diduga telah melakukan pembunuhan. Director: Bael Woon Hak. Film The Chronicles of Evil tayang malam ini, Minggu (27/9) di K-Movievaganza Trans 7 pada pukul 22.30 WIB. Sinopsis. Ia memohon kepada Jong dae untuk mengampuninya dan menyelamatkan anaknya. ( Log Out /  He dozes off on his way home in the taxi, and finds himself taken to a remote mountain by the taxi driver. Tapi sebelum baca reviewnya baca dulu sinopsisnya lur : Sinopsis Chronicles Of Evil : Kepala Detektif Squad Choi (Son Hyun-Joo) ditetapkan untuk promosi. Mungkin gw udah ketinggalan banget, wayah gini baru ngebahas fil chronicles of evil, secara film ini udh dirilis tahun 2015. Chronicle est un film réalisé par Josh Trank avec Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell. He perfectly led the viewers on, thinking he’s just that maknae detective who may be in danger of losing his life from knowing too much.

First Peek! Kim Jin Gyu is a sad, tortured soul that I find myself pitying in the end. ( Log Out / 

Kapten Chang shik yang curiga melawan si supir taksi tsb dan terjadilah perkelahian. Producer: Choi Won-Ki. On the contrary, Park Seo Joon did exceedingly well, and he has chosen an interesting role to kickstart his movie career. Country: Korea Selatan.

Setelah sampai di tempat, kapten chang shik dihampiri oleh Jong dae dan medapati anaknya sedang bermain hp di mobil. Was he just being used? 18 Again (JTBC) No one would believe him, even if he is telling the truth, that’s the saddest part. Choi pun membuat pesta perayaan bersama teman-temannya. As he was about to file a police report, he gets a call from the upper-management reminding him he is not to have any incident happening that would negatively impact his career. Dia mempunyai sebuah pesta dengan rekan kerja untuk merayakan, tapi, dalam perjalanan pulang, kejahatan terjadi dan dia tidak sengaja melakukan pembunuhan. Without those backstory properly told, I find myself unconvinced, or for example, lost in a scene that is strongly suggestive of the tight bonds of two characters—so strong that one willingly sacrifice his life for the other. Harusnya sebelum ngasih foto yg mengandung spoiler, dikasih warning dulu dong. Namun Choi masih belum mengetahui bahwa mayat tersebut adalah supir taksi yang dibunuhnya semalam. May be because Detective Choi is no goody-goody too, and that at least he can still make up for his sins in jail. But the twist is also what makes Son Hyun Joo’s character pale in the end.

A day later, the dead man’s body was found strung up on a crane facing directly at the police station, and Detective Choi is assigned to solve the case ASAP due to mass media attention. Tapi gapapa lah ya, gw cuma mau sharing aja apa yang gw dapet setelah nonton film ini.

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