the complete works of william shakespeare summary

The poetry and craftmanship of his words are magical.

He wanders the countryside as a poor man until Cordelia comes with her husband, the King of France, to reclaim her father's lands. There is nothing to tell you infinitely how a character is feeling or what they're thinking. Next is Othello, which is done as a rap song (the infamous “Othello Rap”). William Shakespeare (1564–1616)[1] was an English poet and playwright. ), Young Frankie in Frank McCourt's Angela's Ashes says that "Shakespeare is like mashed potatoes; you can never have too much." However, people suspect his sudden power, and he finds it necessary to commit more and more murders to maintain power, believing himself invincible so long as he is bloody. They are eventually forced to compete publicly for her hand, but once the bout is over, the victor dies tragically and the other marries their love.

the answer would be of course, in what universe would he not be recommended?

", Ya'll already knew this was coming because I did the same thing for. Can three guys really cover thirty-seven Shakespeare plays in less than two hours?

Meanwhile, a group of low-class workers decides to stage a play for the wedding of the King and Queen of Athens; they rehearse in the woods. Welcome back. I decided to begin the year by reading the complete works of the Bard. This volume stands for Shakespeare's sonnets and poems. Already a popular writer in his own lifetime, Shakespeare's reputation became increasingly celebrated after his death and his work adulated by numerous prominent cultural figures through the centuries.

However, the experience of reading all his works as a single book is worth noting.

Earliest recorded performance of Hamlet was in June 1602, with, Some scholars, such as Peter Alexander and, First recorded performance: 26 December 1606, before. Romeo and Juliet. Propose several creative and feasible solutions to help combat the above problem and draw many insightful conclusions as to how Shakespeare still speaks to a 21st century audience. If, that is, the Forman document is genuine; see the entry on, Draper, John W. "The Date of Romeo and Juliet. Simply put, it's a play, and not meant to be read. I listed the plays individually on Goodread in order to write my responses to each one.

He is counted among the very few playwrights who have excelled in both tragedy and comedy, and his plays combine popular appeal with complex characterisation, poetic grandeur and philosophical depth.

Everything in it was written by Shakespeare.

I understand now why I have such a hard time reading Shakespeare.

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