the egyptian pharaoh shoshenq i is often equated with which character from the hebrew bible?

"[29] Hence, it is more probable that Shoshenq was buried in another city in the Egyptian Delta. [22] Some of these conquered cities include ancient Israelite fortresses such as Megiddo, Taanach and Shechem. He also held his father's title of Great Chief of the Ma or Meshwesh, which is an Egyptian word for Ancient Libyans. Of course, this is only conjecture, and whether Judah was the sole focus for the invasion or not creates no biblical discrepancy. This is the first military action outside Egypt formally commemorated for several centuries. "He came from a line of princes or sheikhs of Libyan tribal descent", Rolf Krauss, Das wrŝ-Datum aus Jahr 5 von Shoshenq [I], Discussions in Egyptology 62 (2005), pp.43-48, Erik Hornung, Rolf Krauss & David Warburton (editors), Ancient Egyptian Chronology (Handbook of Oriental Studies), Brill: 2006, p.474, Anthony Leahy, The date of the 'larger' Dakhleh stela (Oxford, Ashmolean Museum 1894.107a), GM 226 (2010), p.47, see 'The Libyan Period in Egypt.' [11][12], Shoshenq I is frequently identified with the Egyptian king Shishak (שׁישׁק Šîšaq, transliterated),[13] referred to in the Hebrew Bible at 1 Kings 11:40, 14:25 and 2 Chronicles 12:2–9.

Were the Pyramids Built Before the Flood? Egyptian /š/ is written with Hebrew <š>, as is expected. Sources for information about ancient Egyptian chronology are fragmentary, and much has been based on a compilation by Manetho, a third century BC Egyptian priest. He is presumed to be the Shishak mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, and his exploits are carved on the Bubastite Portal at Karnak. The Septuagintuses Σουσακιμ [susakim], derived from the marginal reading שושק [ʃuːʃaq] of Hebrew. The fact that Shoshenq I left behind "explicit records of a campaign into Palestine (scenes; a long list of Palestinian place-names from the Negev to Galilee; stelae), including a stela [found] at Megiddo" supports the traditional interpretation. On the other hand, if the Karnak inscription was concurrent with Shoshenq's campaign into Canaan, the fact that it was left unfinished would suggest this campaign occurred in the last year of Shoshenq's reign. [2] Specifically, the huge triumphal relief scene of Shoshenq I at Karnak, while extensive, is damaged in rows IV and XI where several Philistine/Canaanite place names are permanently lost.

Two other possible examples of where Egyptian /s/ may be rendered Hebrew by ࢪ /š/ cited by van der V een (1999, Hedjkheperre Setepenre Shoshenq I (Egyptian ššnq,:, reigned c. 943–922 BC or 962–941 BC[2])—also known as Sheshonk or Sheshonq I[note 1]—was a pharaoh of ancient Egypt and the founder of the Twenty-second Dynasty of Egypt. His mummy was discovered to contain various gold bracelets, amulets and precious carnelian objects and give a small hint of the vast treasures that would have adorned Shoshenq I's tomb. But I noticed something in it that confused me. Joseph presenting his father and brethren to Pharaoh. Traditional chronology had assigned Ramses II a date to make him the pharaoh of the Exodus—a position that fails chronologically, archaeologically, biblically, and historically. After discovering Sarah's true relationship to Abraham, the pharaoh chooses not to take her as his own wife. Shishak/Sousakim was also related to Jeroboam: "the wife of Jeroboam" is a character in the Hebrew Bible. [6] The editors of the 2006 book Ancient Egyptian Chronology write: The chronology of early Dyn. You will find scholars disagree on this.

[8] Though Akkadian was used quite often throughout many ancient empires in correspondence, for this to be fully supported, one would probably need to assume his New Chronology is correct. God bless. tell of an invasion of Israel by Shishak, and a subsequent raid of Jerusalem and the Temple of Solomon.

There, in a list of cities Shoshenq I had boasted he conquered, Champollion had read the 29th city from the list as y-w-d-h-m-r-k. Who did Thutmose III fight at Megiddo, and what does that battle have to do with plundering Jerusalem?

Setting the reign of Ramesses II three centuries later would not only cause complications with the date of the Battle of Qadesh, it would also conflict with the chronology of Hittite history and with the chronology of Assyrian history.

[8] However, Dr. Anthony Leahy has suggested that "the identification of the wrš-festival of Seth as [a] lunar [festival] is hypothetical, and [thus] its occurrence on the first day of a lunar month an assumption. The English Egyptologist, Morris Bierbrier also dated Shoshenq I's accession "between 945–940 BC" in his seminal 1975 book concerning the genealogies of Egyptian officials who served during the late New Kingdom and Third Intermediate Period.

It is quite possible that Sheshonq (who became a pharaoh in 945 BCE) was the commander of pharaoh Siamun’s army who led the Egyptian forces against Jerusalem in 961 BCE, which was the fifth year of Rehoboam described in the Bible according to the Bible-based chronology in my book Sacred Chronology of the Hebrew KIngs. The Karnak description does not identify the city from which these trophies came—only that they were brought to Egypt after Thutmose’s victory at Megiddo. The funerary cult surrounding his "House of Millions of Years of Shoshenq, Beloved of Amun" was functioning several generations after its establishment at the temple (Ibrahem Aly Sayed 1996, p. 14). Shoshenq I is generally attributed with the raid on Judah: this is corroborated with a stele discovered at Tel Megiddo. Shoshenq terminated the hereditary succession of the high priesthood of Amun. The list of authors can be seen in the page history. Shoshenq and his immediate successors used that practice to consolidate their grasp on all of Egypt. Whether or not Rehoboam’s army was fighting at Megiddo we cannot be certain, but since Shishak had conquered many of Judah’s fortified cities, Rehoboam probably felt himself fortunate to get off with his throne intact, buying Jerusalem’s safety with temple gold and getting back in God’s good graces too. Historical pharaohs: Taharqa, Necho and Apries/Hophra, Stephen L. Caiger, "Archaeological Fact and Fancy,".

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