tiberius coin

AD 14-37. Tiberius Sestertius. Tiberius, AE15 of Apollonoshieron, Lydia. Tiberius AE31 of Oea, Syrtica, TI CAESAR AVGVSTVS Bare head left, eagle holding palm-branch before, laurel-branch behind. RPC 65; ACIP 3333; Burgos 1250. The denarius BMC 39, Calicó 305, Cohen 15. Tiberius AE 29mm of Zeugitana, Utica. Tiberius, AE26 As of Abdera, Spain. HΡΩΔOY TETΡAΡCOY, palm frond upright with slight curves, L-AΓ across fields / TIBE-ΡIAC (Tiberias), legend in two lines within wreath. (420-426), Licinia Eudoxia, wife of Valentinian III. Empty horse-drawn quadriga right, side ornamented / TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVST P M TR POT XXVI around large SC. RPC I 2864; BMC 17-19; SNG von Aulock 2486-2487; Waddington 2236; Imhoof MG 22; SNG Cop 145; McClean 8461; Weber 6424-6426. TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVST IMP VIII, laureate head left / PONTIF MAXIM TRIB POTEST XXXVI S-C, winged caduceus. Tiberius and Divus Augustus AV Aureus. RPC I 3044; SNG von Aulock 2906; Weber 6782. ΣEBAΣTOΣ ΣEBAΣTOY KAIΣAΡ, bare head right / A EΠI ΣI-ΛAΠOY ANTIO-XEΩN EM in six lines within wreath. AE 22mm. RPC 617; Crawford, Paestum 7a; SNG Cop 1384. Tribute Penny, Kopf / Livia pacifera. TIBEΡIOΣ KAIΣAΡ ΣEBAΣTOΣ, laureate head of Tiberius right, LIΔ before / ΘEOΣ ΣEBAΣTOΣ, radiate head of Augustus left. TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVSTV P M Laureate head left / C CAESAR TI N QVIN IN V I N K, Bare head left. As AD 14-37 EF TIBERIUS AE As. Tiberius AE19 of Hypaepa, Lydia. TI CAESAR AVG F IMP PONT M, head right / L CAEC AQVIN M CEL PALDV MVN TVR II VIR, bull standing right. RPC I 199; Burgos 1673; SNG Cop 516. ..ΣEBAΣTON KAIΣAΡA.., jugate heads left of Tiberius, laureate and Livia, draped / MENANΔΡOΣ MHTΡOΔΩΡOY ΦIΛOKAIΣAΡ TO Δ, radiate, draped bust of Helios right.

Tiberius AV Aureus.

Roman Empire Tiberius AD 14-37 Silver Denarius NGC VF Biblical Tribute Penny PQ+ TIBEΡIOY, vine leaf and small bunch of grapes / KAICAΡ L-Δ, Kantharos with scroll handles. 9.26g. Tiberius, AE As, 27mm of Clunia, Spain, 14.37 gr. Tiberius AE28 of Italica, Spain. CEBACTOC CEBACTOY KAICAΡ, bare head right. Bare head right / ΣOΣANΔΡOY ΣOYANΔΡ, Athena standing left, holding Nike and spear with shield. Tiberius, AE27 As of Emerita, Spain, AD 14-37. RIC 89. SGI 250. TIBEΡIOY CEBACTOC KAICAΡ, laureate head of Tiberius right, laurel-branch in field to right / Tetrastyle temple on low platform, dot in pediment, date between columns. 15-26 AD. Tiberius AE22 of the Koinon of Thessaly.

It is also unclear whether Jesus was actually holding a Denarius of Tiberius or one of many
24.84mm, 10.88 gr. Laureate head of Tiberius left; amphora before, dolphin behind / Blank. Tiberius, AE25 of Turiaso, Spain, 9.7g. Gracurris mint. RIC 239[augustus]. Cohen 38. Tiberius and Divus Augustus Denarius. 37.81 g. TI CAE DIVI AVG F AVG IMP VIII COS IIII, bare head left / PERMIS P DOLABELLAE PRO-COS C P GA-VIO CAS D D around, C-P-I across fields, Mercury naked, wearing winged petasus and winged shoes, seated left on rock, holding caduceus. Year 5 = 18-19 AD. RPC I 349. legend break to all three. Tiberius AE23 of Carthage. She is holding a scepter and an olive branch, the symbol of peace.

Tiberius AE16 of Paestum, Lucania. P S S C, laureate head right / L FADI L CAEL FLA AVG TI CAESAR IIVIR, Victory driving galloping biga left. Magistrate Menandros Metrodoros. Tiberius and Livia, AE Assaria of Mastaura, Lydia. AD 26-36. D-V-T across fields. achievements or commemorate events, Tiberius kept the same design for nearly the duration of his 23-year reign.
provinces of Judaea, Samaria and Idumæa. Stadttore. EF-. Marsus and C. Mari. Verkrustungen, sonst VF Tiberius SevillaAugustus Dupondius Gedenkprägung Augustus/Livia RR! As 14-37 n. Chr. Tiberius AE Tessera. Magistrate Menandros Metrodoros. Magistrate Menandros Metrodoros. Tiberius AE19 of Apollonia-Salbace, Caria. Magistrate Gaius Julius Kallikles. RIC 239[augustus] var (bust type); BMCRE 577; Paris 1760. C.I.G.ACCI, 2 legionary eagles and two standards.

when Jesus was crucified. 27mm, 11.03 g. TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVST IMP VIII, bare head left / IMP T CAES DIVI VESP F AVG PM TRP PP COS VIII RESTITVIT in two lines around large SC. Burgos (2008) 379; RPC 361. legend); Boersema 8087. TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVST IMP VIII, laureate head left / MODERATIONI S-C, shield with floral decorations, facing bust of Tiberius at center in wreath. Agora 67, 156; RPC I 5445-5446 "uncertain" var (Magistrate). Bräunliche Patina. Cohen 45. Tiberius AE20 of Heraclaea Salbace, Caria. 14-37 AD. The fees are necessary to protect investors and ensure they receive the intrinsic value behind the tokens. Laureate head left / Front elevation of the altar of Lugdunum decorated with a corona civica between laurels, these being flanked by stylized figures; to either side, Victories on columns facing each other. Tiberius. As AD 14-37 EF / EF- TIBERIUS AE As. TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVST IMP VII Laureate head left / PONTIF MAX TR POT XXXIIX Globe and rudder, large S C at sides. TI CAESAR IMP PP, bare head right / L A FAVSTVS D C BASSVS IIVIR, Livia veiled, seated right, holding patera and sceptre, PP-DD in field. Cel., Kopf / Stier. EF-. Rufus Praetor. 15.16 g. Magistrate Flaccus. Additionally, Tiberius makes compliance a priority and has PricewaterhouseCoopers audit its metals.

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