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Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services. TRUMP COVID-19 FAILURE! This already reeks. [42] Her affidavit also stated that during the same summer, Epstein flew her then 15-year-old sister, Annie, to his New Mexico property where he and Maxwell molested her on a massage table.
One picture taken at the Mar-a-Lago resort in February 2000 shows Trump and his now wife, Melania, with Maxwell and Epstein. Ghislaine Maxwell might have been held on a MkUltra farm during all of this time (or was being cloned if you want to go David Icke bat crazy) and nothing of use will come out of her, whatever you do, even send her for waterboarding in Guantanamo. Those compromised that are listed in Epsteins little black book will never be outed, but those running this will jerk their chains to get them in unison to quash any notion of revelations. A pilot on Epstein’s private jet later that month claims Andrew was a passenger on past flights with the financier and Giuffre. Only a gifted interrogator, has any chance. Trump himself has faced numerous allegations of sexual misconduct. © 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. CNN's Betsy Klein contributed to this report.

No information on the case was given in the indictment other than an untraceable docket number. It was Maxwell’s lies that got a 2015 case dismissed that accused Trump and Epstein of child rape. Thus ends my cheery missive for the day … Jim W. Dean ], Jim's Editor’s Notes are solely crowdfunded via PayPal Jim's work includes research, field trips, Heritage TV Legacy archiving & more. Andrew, Maxwell and Epstein are seen together at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida. Thanks for helping. I haven't really been following it too much. However, and this is included below in the comprehensive list of Maxwell cases in which she may have been questioned, there was only one case that fit the indictment which cited her 2016 testimony and that was the Jane Doe rape by Trump and Epstein.

Soon after his release, Epstein is visited by Andrew in New York. [51][16], Maxwell has repeatedly denied any involvement in Epstein’s crimes. [5] The suit states that Jane Doe was repeatedly sexually assaulted by Epstein over a four year period and that Maxwell played a key role both in her recruitment and by participating in the assaults. Sexual exploitation? Andrew and Epstein holiday together and are pictured on a yacht in Phuket, Thailand, surrounded by topless women. [16] She asserted that Maxwell had introduced her to Epstein, after which she was “groomed by the two [of them] for his pleasure, including lessons in Epstein’s preferences during oral sex”. Maxwell’s trial date has been set for 12 July next year. [63] Araoz later amended her complaint on October 8, 2019 with the names of the previously unidentified women enablers to include Lesley Groff, Cimberly Espinosa, and the late Rosalyn Fontanilla.

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