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Female body piercing has now become more of a fashion statement for the trendy who are ready to experiment with something which is new.

However lip piercing has several names, they depend on the piercings’ position. Here are some list of types of piercings that may inspire you. Different Types of Piercings with Pictures. If you have difficulties to take off your piercings jewelries, it is better for you to visit the professional piercer in order to avoid the worse things. The chin piercing healing time is about three to six months.

The Christina piercing sits in this central arch so that the top ball is visible while the inner ball is hidden in the fold when the legs are closed. What is the Net Worth of Serena Williams? The clit is almost never pierced because you will remove the nerves that cause the sensation down there. Ear Piercings | How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Your Ears Pierced, Ear Piercings for Men | Different Types of Ear Piercings for Guys, Female Nipple Piercing and Breastfeeding Problems, 4 Things You Have To know About Amber Rose Plastic Surgery, Scarlett Johansson Before and After Breast Reduction, Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery | Ivanka Trump Breast Implants and Nose Job.

The female body piercers are always on-the-go creative artists coming up with innovative designs, which sometimes are nothing short of something bizarre. Neither of those is a real piercing yet they're one of the most common asked for by women looking for genital piercings. A barbell is typically used to … What are the different types of nipple piercings? The new age woman who knows how to juggle the different hats to perfection is ready to pamper herself and give herself a new look. From this post you will learn and see what parts of your body are appropriately pierced. These are some of the simplest piercing styles when it … Please Expect a Temporary Short Delay. google_ad_client: "ca-pub-1758024088335509", Eyebrow Piercing: This piercing is included as a type of surface piercing which is acquiring a lot of fame. Joining the bandwagon of tattoo dragons and henna motifs have emerged the art of female body piercing. The labia majora is a flap of skin found to either side of the labia minora surrounding the vaginal opening. A nasallang piercing is a unique type of piercing which consists of two nostril piercings along with a septum piercing.

Nevertheless we have to prepare deep consideration and know more about what kind of types of piercings that we will get in order that we will not regret our decision in getting piercings. It depends on the treatments.

The clitoris itself is protected by a flap of membrane called the hood.

Avoid touching the pierced skin because it can lead to infections. Nose Piercing: This type of piercing is one of the most popular facial piercings for piercing lovers. It is pierced straight up and down in the center so the top ball sits visible while the bottom ball is partially covered by the hood itself. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You can take your pick from the fascinating range on offer, which come at an affordable price. Clitoral Piercing – It refers to piercing of a nerve bundle meant for arousing sexual stimulation. Horizontal hood piercings are much more dependent on anatomy than the VCH piercing because the hood must be far enough out that the ring will be flat with the legs close or it will be uncomfortable. It is usually pierced using a curved barbell or a specific piece of jewelry called a Christina Bar which has an extended bottom to make the lower ball visible. The easiest and most popular female genital piercing is perhaps the vertical hood piercing. One thing that you should note before having piercings is that you have to have deeper consideration and to make sure that they are safely done so that your body pierced does not have an infection and unsightly scars. Add some to cart or login. Are you craving to have a beautiful body? These include the mons pubis, the clitoral hood, the (inner and outer) labia and the vulval vestibule (which is the area surrounding the vaginal opening). The most preferred jewelry used is barbells. Triangle piercing This is the most common of female genital piercings and they are the easiest to do/heal because it lies with the lines of the body.

Usually, this piercing is done with a … Both can be pierced but usually it is the labia majora that is pierced. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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