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두 눈을 맞추고 [Outro: Joy, Yeri, Irene] Breathe it in again let's go,Look me in the eyes and know,You and I, alright, something unforgettable. Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah (Ooh, yeah) (Please credit and link to my channel in your video description if you decide to use my lyrics for anything, thank you! Something unforgettable (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) Something unforgettable As your body remembers, I like it 내게 빠진 거 맞지? Let the beat drop,Keep it so so hot hot, Here we go now, umpah pah.--------------------------------Like.Favorite.Comment.Subscribe. [Pre-Chorus: All, Wendy] (ice cream cake), mak jeongsineopsgo (mak jeongsineopsgo)sumi maghigo (sumi maghigo)naege ppajin geo majji?neomu geopmeokji manan hangsang neoya neonsumman swieodo god tteooreul tenikka (neol tenikka), Feel the rhythmmomi gieoghaneun daero joha (oh, yeah)Something unforgettable (unforgettable)baro jigeum (baro jigeum)mami heulleoganeun daero johasupyeongseon wireul naneun geoya, Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpahrideumeul majchugoUmpah, umpah, umpah, umpahdu bareul majchugoUmpah, umpah, umpah, umpah (oooh)neowa na johaSomething unforgettable, (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah)Hit drop (unforgettable)(Umpah-pah, umpah-pah)Hot hot, taeyangeul dameun neoui geu nunbich (nunbich)sok nal bwa (nal bwa)ijji mothal i sungan joha, Feel the rhythmmomi gieokhaneun daero joha (daero joha)Something unforgettable (unforgettable)baro jigeummami heulleoga ne momeul matgyeonae soneul nohji masupyeongseon wireul naneun geoya, Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpahhoheubeul majchugoUmpah, umpah, umpah, umpahdu nuneul majchugoUmpah, umpah, umpah, umpahi sungan johaSomething unforgettable, (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah)Let the beat drop(Umpah-pah, umpah-pah)gibun so so hot hot(Umpah-pah, umpah-pah)Here we go now! Something unforgettable [Umpah-pah]

(Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) It would mean so much to me :)Vocals, Video, Mix \u0026 Lyric: Farrah (itsthefarrahmonster)Instrumental: Official + CLASSICK MUSIC ( [Bridge: Seulgi, Wendy]

I like this moment 수평선 위를 나는 거야 Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah You drink water again (oh, yeah, yeah, yeah)

I don’t know Don’t ask me why My eyes can’t see how deep it is Hope that you’re different From them floundering around. Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpahUmpah, umpah, umpah, umpah(Umpah-pah, umpa-pah)(Here we go now!

[Intro: All, (Joy), Irene, Wendy] Hit drop (unforgettable) (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) (Umpah-pah) (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) Uh, yeah (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) yeah. 궁금해?

Hot hot!

Here we go now! Umpah umpah umpah umpah Umpah umpah umpah umpah. I don't know Don't ask me why

Here we go now!

허우적대는 저 다른 애들과
Umpah umpah umpah umpah Umpah umpah umpah umpah Here we go now! Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) (Here we go now!) Umpah-pah Uh yeah Uh yeah. Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.\" Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah ENGLISH TRANSLATION.

너와 나 좋아 Red Velvet – Umpah Umpah English Translation Lyrics.

Right now (right now) ♡Instrumental Credit: SGL ProductionAny questions? [Chorus: All, Irene, Yeri, Joy] Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah Stifling and suffocating (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) August 19, 2019 Umpah umpah umpah umpah Umpah umpah umpah umpah. Uh‚ yeah 경고야 너 또 물먹어 (Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah) Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah I … Something unforgettable (Unforgettable) (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah), Excellent song & video, thanks for sharing! [Happiness is nearby like ice-cream cake!] Something unforgettable You and I like it Huh? Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah Umpah umpah umpah umpah You and I, like it Something unforgettable. 너와 나 좋아 [Bridge: Joy, Seulgi, Wendy] Desejo receber notificações de destaques e novidades. Breathe together 내 눈은 못 보니까 (Woo hoo!) Something unforgettable [Chorus: All, Irene, [Yeri], Wendy] (ice-cream cake) [Keep step] Don't be too afraid [Refrain: Irene, Joy]

(Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) [Umpah-pah] (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) Uh, yeah (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah), yeah [Verse 1: Seulgi, Wendy+Joy, Yeri] I'm warning you You should be careful It might be deep I've seen many but they all couldn't come out Why? Fly above the horizon

숨만 쉬어도 곧 떠오를 테니까 (널 테니까)

Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah [Chorus: All, Irene, Yeri, Seulgi] [Pre-Chorus: All, Wendy] 기분 so so hot hot Don't lose my hands Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah (Umpah-pah, umpa-pah) (Here we go now!) 나도 몰라 [Outro: Joy, Yeri, Irene]

(Here we go now!) Warning (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah)

Tem certeza que deseja sair sem salvar suas alterações. Crazy and (crazy and) You’re falling too, aren’t you?Don’t you be so afraid, 'cause baby to me, You’re the only one, so come and take me away.Feel the rhythm, dance as if you’re falling right in,Alright, something unforgettable, Baby right now, just follow your heart and decide, Alright, wanna fly so high in the sky. 너무 겁먹지 마 난 항상 너야 넌 (난, 너야) Why? (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) Feel so so hot hot Umpah-pah Uh yeah Uh yeah. 바로 지금 맘이 흘러가는 대로 좋아 Red Velvet - Umpah Umpah | English Cover by JANNY MP3: Lyrics by Jia Young Thumbnail Artwork by Heo Jiseon Lots of feedback would make me really happy. Umpah-pah. It's a little weird (Ding!) 자꾸 너 박자를 놓쳐? Something unforgettable 호흡을 맞추고 (oh 맞추고) Don't ask me why Right now

Red Velvet - 짐살라빔 (Zimzalabim) [English Translation] Lyrics: Hoo Hahaha / Are you ready for this? Here we go now! Oh, yeah, yeah Feel the rhythm

Hehe.Constructive criticism is always appreciated. [Hook: All] Umpah‚ umpah, umpah, umpah

내게 묻지 마 얼마나 깊은지 (Umpah-pah, umpah-pah) My heart flows, count on me gyeonggohaneunde josimhaeya dwae gipeuljido molla yeoreot bwassneunde mos naodeonde wae?

Umpah, umpah, umpah, umpah
[Chorus: All, Irene, [Yeri], Joy] 내게 빠진 거 맞지?

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