when a guy says you keep me on my toes

In other words (no offense intended here) he is probably a douche. He has to have a reason to keep coming back to you, though. So today he told me he does certain things sometimes so that he can "Keep me on my toes", what does that mean? How do you think about the answers? Child see Child do: How parenting can affect you and your life.

Take him to an art show. And who knows— maybe he’ll come back enough that you won’t have to recharge much before you can see him. im pretty sure lol. His fiery campaign rhetoric has kept opposition parties on their toes for months.

One of the most satisfying feelings is knowing a guy you want to be into you is into you.

Why is it so bad to be predictable. This is beyond keeping him on your hook. How To Keep Him On His Toes, By Zodiac Sign, - Our best articles delivered straight to your inbox. The bottom line is it … keep you on your toes COMMON If someone or something keeps you on your toes, they stop you being lazy or relaxed and force you to be ready for anything that might happen.

Never a dull moment. Instead, try softer honesty. This is crucial in any kind of relationship. Exactly, always keep me thinking as to what he is feeling. You’ve probably told him already if you want him. One way to keep him coming back is to show a willingness to compromise. You might want it to be a relationship, sans the quotation marks.

You have to keep him wanting more from you before he wants something more in your relationship.

A gift can be physical or immaterial. You can sign in to vote the answer.

It means he wants to aggravate you.

I'm honestly not sure why he would do that.

Unless there are two Leos in this relationship, you’re likely the one wearing the pants in the relationship, no matter what kind of relationship it is. They’re difficult to anchor— but if they anchor themselves to someone, it’s for real. In that regard, it’s easy for him to keep coming back to you because you’re so dependable.

You’ll go to the ends of the earth for him, but remember you want him to come to you, not always you going to him.

Alison Cerri is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics. If he keeps coming back, maybe your needs will align.

The semi-bad news: you put yourself first, always. Flirt a little. so ive been talking to this guy and we flirt quite a bit...and joke around alot as well...and one day he said something and he thought i got upset over it and when he asked i told him that i knew he was joking around ... and then he said "do you like the fact that you keep me on my toes" what do you guys think he meant by that?

You got him wrapped around your finger, if you ask him to do anything for you he'll do it in a split of a second.

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Tauruses demand perfection, which is fair, but not always possible. Friendships, friendships with benefits, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse. You did it! What does it mean when a guy says he wants to keep his options open? The real deal. Healthy relationships are the most rewarding.

Probably not so hot. Why do men do that? I would prefer her to do the same. When you are on your toes you are ready for anything. I have been dating this guy off and on for about four years for months at a time. What you don’t want to do is be controlling.

Just keep your chatty side in check— he might think you’re being two-faced.

To keep you on your toes means he doesn't want to be predictable. If a guy has children does it mean he’s a straight man? Never miss a thing with GirlsAskGuys notifications on your browser. The good news is, Leos are willing to do work.
Virgos’ practicality can be a double-edged sword when it comes to keeping him interested. RELATED: The Mistake Women Make When He Loses Interest. If a girl wants to know, I'll tell her exactly how I feel, whether it's good or bad. You feel what he feels, and if you want him to keep coming back, you must like that. Capricorns will do everything in their power to get what they want. He won’t know what to expect when he sees you … only that it’ll be something good.

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A useful way to navigate how to keep him interested is to consult astrology. Be Affectionate.

You’re often very in-tune with yourself— encourage him to be in-tune with himself, too. It means he doesn't want you to get relaxed or comftorable in the relationship. The best way to keep him coming back is to focus on your positives, such as the ones listed above as well as your zest for life. That’s not necessarily a bad thing— in relationships, however, it’s hard for him to keep coming back to you if you consistently put your needs before his. He's always guessing what you're going to do or say next. Something that may deter him from coming back is your focus on the big picture. Your impulsive nature can lead to exciting adventures between the two of you.

He can't just skate by with you; he has to put forth effort to keep up with you.

What does it mean when you text a guy but he doesn’t reply ?

making him keep thinking and doing things.

His lively campaign has kept opposition parties on …

RELATED: Yes, Men Are More Distant In Relationships — Here's Why.

Like an out fielder ready to run in any direction for the ball. Men, how do you want a lady to treat you when having an argument.

"You have to keep on your toes to be successful … The way to keep him coming back is to make sure he doesn’t feel like you’re suffocating him. It is almost like he does not want to say how he truly feels, because then I would know. Add Opinion. She kept us on our toes right from the moment she took command.

If you could learn the date and time of your death, would you?

Baiscally, that's a really douschy thing to say.

You’re also more emotionally perceptive than other signs, which is a bonus, especially because men tend to be closed off about their feelings. he wants to make you jealous, wants to keep you guessing, etc. I honestly think he's just doing this to keep you around when he's not messing with other girls. This tenacity is admirable, though you can’t control how other people feel. He means you keep him busy. A strong suit of this sign is its capacity for empathy.

Get your answers by asking now. He’s got a lot to like about you if you’re a Cancer.

The chase can’t be fun for him— nor for you.

Stability could be Taurus’s middle name.

How would you feel if he had you at his beck and call? He meant that you are not boring that you keep him guessing so he has to keep alert and be on his toes (like if he where a cat ready to pounce on a mouse). Usually the question of coming back is in reference to a Sagittarius. It means he doesn't want you to get relaxed or comftorable in the relationship.

That’s always useful in keeping him into you.

What does it mean if he says hes gunna call but doesnt? He’ll appreciate it. Facebook. No matter what relationship stage you’re at, every type of relationship takes work. You love giving gifts— vary them! Someone or something that keeps you on your toes forces you to continue directing all your attention and energy to what you are doing. The Mistake Women Make When He Loses Interest, What Your Commitment Issues/Addiction To The Chase REALLY Means, love compatibility between your zodiac signs, How He Acts When Interested (And Not Just A Big Flirt), By His Zodiac Sign, 5 Men Reveal How Important Common Interests Are In Their Romantic Relationships, Yes, Men Are More Distant In Relationships — Here's Why. You made it sound like you were upset, but you really weren't. One way to keep him coming back is to tone it down, just a little bit.

By now you know some of his likes and dislikes. He has to have a reason to keep coming back to you, though.

Criticise feminists but don't hate feminism! What does it mean when a guy says he wants to see where things go? He knows you’re honest.

One of Gemini’s best qualities is their ability to communicate.

Total player if you ask me. If you say that someone or something keeps you on your toes, you mean that they cause you to remain alert and ready for anything that might happen. Try flexibility every once in a while— he’ll appreciate it. Instead, both of you would benefit from you balancing the big with the small.

See full dictionary entry … That’s certainly a subtle but important draw. Some drinks … some Netflix and chill … you’ve spent some time together.

Live in the moment sometimes. What do you think his family think of me. Of course, you need to keep the love compatibility between your zodiac signs in mind, but the best way you can keep him wanting more is to be you—and your horoscope sign plays into that. Your high standards may distance him.

And again? He wants me to keep on guessing, even though he has told me he really cares about me. May seem counterintuitive but: take time to yourself. What does it mean if a guy says he wants to link up? Most Helpful Girls.

Diplomacy is a major key in all relationships— and Libras are diplomatic masters.

RELATED: What Your Commitment Issues/Addiction To The Chase REALLY Means. That means you’re not offering him anything anymore.

Share . One of the most satisfying feelings is knowing a guy you want to be into you is into you. Any relationship with a Taurus tends to be a long-lived one. The chase can’t be fun for him— nor for you. He’ll find your determination attractive for sure, but avoid tunnel vision. It means that it keeps you alert and on guard.

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