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– The Kats Cafe, TV Review: Player (Spoilers!) Your email address will not be published. Among the three, Hong Joo was the first to gain this ability, while Jae Chan and Woo Tak develop the same ability after a very particular experience in their lives. Its thrilling and suspenseful and with elements like humour, fantasy, great characters , unique premise , it definitely deserves a spot on your to- watch list. This is a not usual romance but this legal drama-fantasy television series which centers on the lives on three young adults—a field reporter, a prosecutor, and a police officer—who have acquired the ability to foresee future events through their dreams. This drama also proved that you can have a good romantic story arc in your drama that doesn’t have to be too complicated, and too over dramatic. Together, they try to navigate friendship and love, while making difficult decisions and choices, especially as they do dream about each other, and as their dreams usually coincide with “the case of the week”. With loads of court scenes and court talk , this is one heck of a court drama. Hey guys, !! It is there on my TBR list of things to see, Well I hope you watch this one soon. What did you think about it? Required fields are marked *. However, the drama is enjoyable and addictive because the show’s writer was able to blend romance and all the legal procedural bits seamlessly, gave us likeable characters, gave us a light and beautiful romance that wasn’t too complicated, and a second male lead that was likeable and didn’t have to end up being the source of many problems. Let’s discuss ! I watched Goblin. I liked that Hong Joo was a likeable heroine who still could have a life of her own, even when Jae Chan wasn’t around, and I loved how Jae Chan and Hong Joo are the better halves of each other. hingga dia dewasa ida merasa sedih karena selain tidak dapat menyelamatkan ayahnya, dia juga tidak dapat menyelamatkan orang lain yang dia impikan. Rating ini lebih baik dibanding drama terdahulu 7,5% saja. I loved every minute of it . There are so many different cases to be solved and so many people to save and so many twists and turns that I wasn’t able to resist it. Gadis aneh yang sudah mengalami mimpi yang menjadi nyata semenjak dia kecil. Regardless of whether you have the power to change someone’s future or not, we are all faced with difficult choices everyday, and our true character does come out when we make our own choices and either live up to them or accept the consequences that come  with it. And I loved it! . Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Have you seen “While You Were Sleeping”? But when Jeong Jae Chan has a dream about Nam Hong Joo getting involved in an accident and finally dying, he saves her by preventing that from becoming real and that’s how the story begins.

Definitely sounds like a good show to enjoy. Let me know in the comments below! There were several songs that stood out to me including “When Night Falls” by Eddy Kim (which was probably the best song), “It’s You” by Henry (meh, I think the song fit but isn’t that great), “I Love You Boy” by Suzy (fits the drama very well and is also very good). And I honestly want to see more of dorky, funny Lee Jong Suk! I saw some people complaining about her trying to keep Jae Chan away, but a mother will do whatever she can to protect her child. I think this was the first time I’ve seen that side! I think it is because of the whole second lead syndrome at play. This supernatural, legal drama is worth the watch and one of the best ones of 2017. I only realized in this drama how hot Jung Hae In is. As I mentioned earlier, there were some elements of this drama that I really enjoyed, and there were some elements that were  disappointing, which didn’t stop me from enjoying the drama as a whole. I also found him to be a smart villain who ended up getting caught after becoming desperate and too emotional. ( Log Out /  However, as mentioned earlier, I didn’t like the fact that it felt that somewhere along the way, the whole dream thing ended up becoming a very convenient plot device for them, and that they didn’t bother to explain certain rules about that particular ability at a particular point in the drama. Have you watched “While You Were Sleeping”? apakah sama atau ada pendapat sendiri? In the end, I thought that this drama was an addictive and light- hearted drama that had a great cast, and that ultimately talked about the power of choice. I think he is an amazing actor, and I honestly want to see him in a more villain role so that I can see his range in acting. While You Were Sleeping Korean Drama Review showerman March 22, 2018 0 Comments While You Were Sleeping is Korean drama series starring Lee Jong-suk, … I am pretty sure that I’m not alone in saying that this actor has a bright future ahead of him, and I am looking forward to each project he will be in. – The Kats Cafe, TV Review: Suits (Korea) (Spoilers!) You should surely check this one. All in all, “While You Were Sleeping” had a wonderful cast who gave exceptional performances; and was a refreshing breather in a drama season full of heavy thrillers, legal procedurals and romantic supernatural fantasies. The only thing I didn’t understand was why she starts dreaming in the first place . The cast was absolutely perfect!!! I think that is very refreshing as Korean dramas go. Lee Jong –Suk, is just so adorable, one TV show and I am a fan . First impression di awal penayangan ini cukup unik dan menurutku akting bae suzy lebih baik dari pada waktu di drama Uncontrollably fond. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account.

Version), The Kat’s Cafe’s Unboxings: Verivery’s Face You (All Versions). Sampai akhirnya dia bertemu Jung Jae-Chan yang membuatnya percaya bahwa dia bisa merubah masa depan. Today, I had an exam and the subject was Entrepreneurship which went superb (I am not joking) .

( Log Out /  akting Lee jong sok belum membuat mimin langsung addict seperti saat baru wal-awal nonton drama terdahulunya W Two World. Same goes for Woo Tak, as the reveal about his own family life was saved for the very last episode. I watched it while it was airing. And I have so many high hopes for Pretty Sister Who Gives Me Food. He was so adorable and such a good guy! I am back with a review of a K-Drama which I finished it yesterday . There are s few programs on TV that are worth watching unfortunately. Because of this, this breezy and addictive drama, with its ability to utilize its cast exceptionally well, although not perfect, enjoyed good ratings and gained enough popularity to become one of the most talked about Korean dramas of 2017. I liked how light the romance was here, and that it naturally weaved itself into the story. 6 Recent Young Adult Novels I adore [YA week at Goodreads+recs]. I thought that the acting in this show was superb, from the main cast all the way down to the secondary characters. They chose the actor really well.

Dia mempunyai sifat licik, terlihat baik di permukaan tapi sebenarnya keruh di dasarnya. I loved that the focus wasn’t so much on the romance and that the romance felt more genuine? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. About the main leads , I think they did a good job. These cases usually see them clash with Lawyer Lee Yoo Bum, a prosecutor turned lawyer who becomes the main antagonist of the series. (IN the first episode itself!!!) Change ). I am glad I watched this one , I want to see this.. “While You Were Sleeping” was quite possibly my favorite K-drama of 2017! Be prepared for all the feels though, and it’s a slow burn, but it’s so beautifully done. The teaser for Pretty Sister is cute and the pictures they’ve released look great too! Kdramaland in 2017 was rife with prosecutors, judges, science fiction and fantasy, and SBS’ “While You Were Sleeping” was no exception. It’s JUST BEAUTIFUL. “I … believe you. There are a bunch of side characters like Jae Chan’s co-workers and other people and they add things like humour to the story at times. komen-komen ditunggu ya chingu…. Pria jahat yang menjadi pengacara. Dia merupakan guru les Jung Jae-Chan di masa dulu dan menjadi pacar Nam Hong-Joo yang kemudian diputusin. Suzy , the female lead is also very cute ,she is a singer-turned actress, but I think she did a pretty good job. I normally post bookish stuff like book reviews, recommendations, other lists, etc. This was also the first time I’ve seen Suzy in a drama, and based on what I’ve seen, I liked her light and breezy performance here and the fact that she and Lee Jong Suk have a great an easy chemistry with each other. Ah, I did forget to mention it, but yes, the cinematography was very dreamy and surreal like at times, and in particular with the snow after the accident. And the actors did a tremendously good job. I followed this one during it’s airing period and I stil have my full review in my drafts.

With loads of court scenes and court talk , … But all in all this drama had me in its palm. The threesome actually try to stop the future by happening and also play a role in giving justice to people. Also, it gave him something different to challenge himself as an actor, and I thought he gave a great and more nuanced performance than in his previous roles. Drama SBS yang menggantikan slot Reunited Worlds ini mendapatkan rating 9,2% di awal penayangannya. ( Log Out /  It took me a while to give WYWS a try primarily because I don’t really like Bae Suzy. I am so exam conscious  ,I work hard for good grades so if I am ditching studying for this TV show, it must reflect on how interesting and intriguing this TV show was. Overall, While You Were Sleeping was a phenomenal watch. Yes that Actor is good and he’s also in Prison Playbook. And she is such a sweet person and a very well developed character. I absolutely loved Lee Jong Suk’s performance here, and I loved that Jae Chan, although he does look like the stereotypical perfect Korean drama lead, is given enough room to show us his dorkier, messy, and bumbling side.

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