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Poverty and unemployment have increased in the area along with incidents of so-called “honour” killings. All have overcome enormous barriers to raise their voices on behalf of the most vulnerable and marginalized. The situation for women in Ghazni province is hostile. During the 19th and early 20 th centuries people began to agitate for the right of women to vote. My hope is for every Afghan woman to be literate and be aware of their rights. You should, too. Women don’t work in government posts in Khost, as most of the positions are held by men. "Learn to lead by example and be a positive role model for other women and girls," Ms. Adan urged activists. These achievements were against all odds: Gender inequality is deeply rooted in the Horn of Africa. The report has been completed and handed over to the Ministry of Women’s Affairs for implementation. “We established the first safe house for victims of trafficking,” she told UNFPA. You will need the energy when there are defeats.

However, despite these developments there are still many places around the world where it is very difficult for women to exercise this right. It is the responsibility of a state to protect women from gender-based violence -  even domestic abuse behind closed doors. I am one of the few activists in Herat who has travelled to the farthest corners of the province, trying to engage with women and men who are not enjoying even their basic human rights. In 2018, I contested for the House of Representatives from Kapisa. What are we fighting for? Ms. Khan sees the fight for women’s rights as part of a continuum of efforts to secure peace, justice and equality.

There have been some major steps forward, but women and girls are still being harmed by laws which mean they cannot make choices about their own bodies. Also, there are no employment prospects for women with lower standards of education. “The lifetime risk of dying from pregnancy and childbirth-related complications, including unsafe abortion, is 80 times higher in low-income countries than in high-income countries, the greatest gap in a public health indicator.”. Women today enjoy equal status in society. This meant that girls would face discrimination, the risk of child marriage, economic hardship and barriers to education. Appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1993, Bader Ginsburg became the second female Supreme Court justice ever, a position she still holds today and uses to advocate for women's rights… What do we mean when we talk about women’s rights? I have been a defence lawyer for a decade now. Women are making their own decisions to enter politics, to access justice and to start businesses. Women and girls in conflict are especially at risk from violence, and throughout history sexual violence has been used as a weapon of war. Otherwise, we'll assume you're OK to continue. Despite the grave risks they face, these women continue to challenge everyone and everything that violates women’s rights because they know that the small steps they take today, will pave the way for another girl go far tomorrow. I’m writing to express my solidarity with Women Human Rights Defenders in Afghanistan.   |   And in 2010, Ms. Adan established a university, which today has nearly 1,000 students enrolled in a variety of health-related courses. For example, many women and girls around the world are still unable to access safe and legal abortions.

Life is too precious to be ruled by it. As an activist I spend my earnings to support children who are addicted to drugs. These four women stood up to demand equality.

“I witnessed the horror and the suffering of people, especially women and girls… Human rights were put aside, and that was particularly true for the women’s human rights.”. These four women stood up to demand equality. (UNFPA supports Atina’s mobile outreach teams and other programmes. Lesbian, bisexual, trans and intersex women and gender non-confirming people face violence, exclusion, harassment, and discrimination Many are also subjected to extreme violence, including sexual violence or so called “corrective rape” and “honour killings.”. Her journey began as a child in Brazil. However, there are many rural areas where women are deprived of their basic rights. I also worked as a deputy of Social Council, deputy of the Development Council Secretary of the Advisory Board of Neli, an Organisation that works with the Municipality.

In 2004, she founded the NGO Atina to aid survivors of violence, exploitation and human trafficking in Serbia.

And in Sierra Leone, Amnesty International has been working with local communities as part of our Human Rights Education Programme, which focuses on a number of human rights issues, including female genital mutilation. Recent figures show that women currently earn roughly 77% of what men earn for the same work. To fight these trends, Ms. Adan opened a maternity and teaching hospital in "Somaliland" in 2002. As a defense lawyer, I hope the sacrifices other activists and I have made will bring hope, joy and happiness to others. I think the human rights situation in Daikundi has improved. In the 1960s, despite Ms. Adan’s extraordinary accomplishments, she was denied civil service appointments “because I was a female and no female had ever been appointment to such a senior position in the past.” Still, she dug in her heels. Your choice regarding cookies on this site For many years women’s rights movements have fought hard to address this inequality, campaigning to change laws or taking to the streets to demand their rights are respected. As a health professional, she saw how gender inequality can kill. I am in charge of the Social and Cultural Institute of Women with a Mission, head the Association of Women Journalists, a Member of the Youth Parliament, and an Honorary Lecturer at the University of Al-Biruni. Afghan women are half of Afghanistan's 35 million population. Women should be able to live without fear of gender-based violence, including rape and other sexual violence, female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriage, forced pregnancy, forced abortion, or forced sterilization. Discrimination against women deprives them of education and livelihood opportunities, leaving them more likely than men to be poor and illiterate.
L. Condon/Underwood Archives/Archive Photos/Getty Images. I’m the Logar focal point for the Afghan Women’s Network, through which I have, for years, tried to improve the conditions for women in the Province. The situation for women in Kunar province is slowly changing with women actively participating in awareness raising and development programmes and working in offices in the cities. That has been my objective as an activist, carrying out capacity building programmes for women and encouraging them to work in different sectors. This means they are entitled to equal access to health services like contraception and safe abortions, to choose if, when, and who they marry, and to decide if they want to have children and if so how many, when and with who.

From today on, till December 10, their stories will be published one a day. Despite ongoing efforts to uplift the situation of women, I think that what’s being done is not enough to support these women in the rural areas.

In solidarity with the WHRDs in Afghanistan; Who risk their lives daily so that girls can go to school, Who are threatened by the Taliban because they are encouraging pregnant women to go to a hospital for the delivery, Who are defenceless in walking into the Taliban controlled areas, speaking of women’s rights, Who have been branded as the problems in the society for speaking in support of women’s employment, Who are vulnerable in their own homes for being lone soldiers of women’s rights in their areas, Who take a sigh of relief when women they empowered go into litigation, start businesses, finish education, and stand up for their own rights. These women are leaders in their countries and communities.

On this page we look at the history of women’s rights, what women’s rights actually are, and what Amnesty is doing. It has since grown into a large general hospital and major referral institution for the region. Amnesty International has called on Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz to release prominent women’s rights defenders - two years after they were detained - describing their ongoing plight as “heartbreaking”. In Jordan Amnesty International has urged authorities to stop colluding with an abusive male “guardianship” system which controls women’s lives and limits their personal freedoms, including detaining women accused of leaving home without permission or having sex outside marriage and subjecting them to humiliating “virginity tests”. As a lawyer by profession, I focus on raising awareness among my clients on women’s rights.

Over the decades, Ms. Barroso has seen progress – but not enough. Be strategic. After nearly two years of hard work, she received the appointment. Women in businesses find it difficult to sell their products in markets and bazars, unable reserve stalls for themselves. “We have not yet reached our goals for gender equality,” she told UNFPA, which has supported programmes at her hospital. I have one hope for the future and that is to raise awareness among women and empower them to be able to participate in all fields of work and defend their rights on their own.

From 2016 to 2017, I researched the condition of women's prisons in five provinces of Afghanistan, identified the problems, investigated them and came up with a plan of action to resolve them – a Penal Code System Policy - along with representatives from the Ministry of Women Affairs, the Human Rights Commission, the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Justice, the Law faculty at Kabul University, and the Attorney General’s Office.
“Sitting in Lahore, I equally feel for and work for women in the USA [and elsewhere], regardless of religion, race or identity,” she said. Research has shown this to be the case – society gets better for everyone when women’s rights are upheld and taken seriously. Gender-based violence is when violent acts are committed against women and LGBTI people on the basis of their orientation, gender identity, or sex characteristics. You should, too. I’m also the Head of the Teacher Training Centre in Logar, through which we try to encourage girls’ education. That has been my work for the last 13 years - promoting economic growth, women’s well-being and defending the rights of those women who are not fully aware of their rights. Her parents encouraged her academic talents, “but their aspirations for me were limited by their traditional view of the role of women.”, It only when the women’s movement began to make headlines in the 1970s, she explained, “that I saw that change was indeed possible.”. The biggest challenge I face working on human rights in Herat is from the mullahs who do not accept women working on human and civil rights. Don’t waste energy on someone who does not support you. For International Women's Day, UNFPA is celebrating four activists who are blazing a trail for women. And new movements have flourished in the digital age, such as the #MeToo campaign which highlights the prevalence of gender-based violence and sexual harassment. Do your homework.

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