Fees and Services

Commercial Photography pricing

The half day and full day packages below are aimed at Corporate, PR and Events clients. These images include location shots, group shots, portraits and headshots. Each shoot is tailored to your needs. The end product is professional, hi-res images that enhance your corporate profile and market your brand effectively. We also cater to businesses who want headshots only by offering reasonably priced packages.

Corporate Headshots

Do you want to show your clients who your team are? These “headshot only” shoots are set up in-house. Each headshot image is taken against a plain background under studio lights. Images are viewed and chosen on the day. The chosen images are later cropped and retouched to a high standard to produce a professional hi-res product.  Each image has unlimited use and is available in colour and black & white.

  • £180 for up to 1 hour on location and 5 images (edited, retouched at hi-res)
  • £260 for up to 2 hours on location and 10 images (edited, retouched at hi-res)
  • £350 for up to 3 hours on location and 15 images (edited, retouched at hi-res)

If you require more than 15 images/headshots on a given day, please refer to our Half day or Full day packages below.

Half day package £450

  • Pre-shoot consultation
  • Up to 4 hours at a chosen location
  • 20 images edited and retouched at hi-res
  • A range of images to suit your requirements (headshots, portraits, locations etc).
  • Images in colour and black and white
  • Unlimited use

Full day package £650

  • Pre-shoot consultation
  • Up to 8 hours at the chosen location
  • 40 images edited and retouched at hi-res
  • A range of images to suit your requirements (headshots, portraits, locations etc).
  • Images in colour and black and white
  • Unlimited use

Extra images

Additional images: additional image processing is charged at £40 per hr.

Average of 30 images per hour, depending on production requests.

Quick press jobs

Sometimes jobs are quick and just an hour or two will cover what you need. A quick morning conference, an unveiling or a speech. In this case I can charge for the hour or two to cover the event. If it goes on a little longer, I have a rate for that too!

Often it’s just an image or two for events like these but I can accommodate more if needed. I usually provide up to ten images inclusively and I can edit and send on site via Wi-Fi and have your images on Twitter/Facebook or in the paper offices asap

Half days and full days

In-depth coverage  of what you need  takes a little more time to set-up and record. If the perfect images that are needed are for a brochure, website or event it makes sense not to rush through and miss opportunities. We can schedule the time to get the most out the photography before the day and take time to get the right images for your needs through planning. I am happy to do all this and  accommodate this in a straightforward easy solution. Half days and Full days are intended as a guide as all jobs are bespoke but please give me a call or email me for your next step.


Post production

Post production is charged at £40 per hour and covers all the basic Photoshop work done to an image. Should you require extra Photoshop work at a later date, (such as building, skyline changes or name blurred etc) then the above rate will be charged.


I have opted for the basic government rate of 45ppm charged to and from my base in Frome, Somerset

Whats included in My Fees

What’s in an image?


I use Nikon lenses and cameras to produce quality images with a large file size. This helps create the best selection of image area and reproduction available. I use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge and Lightroom to edit and translate the images for your website, Twitter feed, Facebook, brochure or publication.


I will supply you with a number of images after a shoot. They will usually be sent via WeTransfer or Dropbox and a link will be sent to your email so you can download them to your desktop at will. I can also send a DVD if requested. We will usually discuss what is to be sent on the shoot day but I am happy to be contacted at any time and chat about your requirements.

Re-crops and edits

I will always include the best images for you in an edit and crop for impact but sometimes pictures need to be re-cropped, or re-edited to fit a different shape. From a website to a journal or brochure these things can ask more of an image than originally specified. I retain all raw edits and can supply these as requested.